Venom sequel releases in theaters


Ethan Moran

Lego Venom and Carnage face off in the new movie. Creation by Ethan Moran.

Venom’s “Let There Be Carnage” has been released by Marvel. On Oct. 1, the film became available to watch in theaters. 

The new Venom film stars a new character, so get ready for a few new surprises.

Unlike the first movie, the new movie shows off the Marvel character Carnage. The movie features a brawl between the hero (Venom) and the villain (Carnage).

According to IMDb and rottentomatoes, Carnage is known to be Venom’s same species. The species is referred to as “symbiotes,” and they attach themselves to a human being and are able to grant them superhuman abilities in the symbiote form. Venom’s vessel is named Eddie Brock. The vessel that Carnage chose is named Cletus Kasady, and Cletus was a convicted serial killer on death row. The Carnage symbiote bonded violently with Cletus which is where the new movie begins.

“I like Venom because of his personality; he acts funny around Eddie, and he’s all-around a very scary, cool character,” said sophomore Junius Gregory.

In the movie, I personally liked Venom better than Carnage because even though Venom is considered an Anti-hero in the first movie, he has to fight Carnage in the second movie due to Carnage being the main villain. 

“I really liked Cletus Kasady bonding with Carnage because they definitely bonded instantly considering their psychopathic morals,” said senior Matthew Horton. 

I thought that the personality of Cletus really fits in with Carnage’s evil vibe, and they work together as a symbiote bond. 

The first movie in the series, Venom, received a rating of 6.7 out of ten. The new movie, having been out only a short while, has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 from IMDB, which many expect to go up as more people see the movie. 

The new Venom movie was superior to the first, and despite what the ratings say, more people will admit they like it too, once they give the sequel a chance. 

“I personally liked the first Venom movie better than the new one; however, if you are a Marvel fan, I would strongly recommend [Venom],” said sophomore Mason Shull.