Magician from Virginia Beach takes the crown of “America’s Got Talent” winner


Kelsey Fitzgerald

Poll taken on Instagram proving 70% of some locals in Virginia Beach would have preferred acrobat, Aiden Bryant to win instead of Dustin Tavella.

Kelsey Fitzgerald , Staff Writer

Dustin Tavella, a magician from Virginia Beach, beat out the nine finalists and won this year’s “America’s Got Talent 2021.”

“Thank you guys so much,” said Dustin Tavella, according to Voice, Philadelphia News. “This is absolutely amazing. I never thought that I would be here. This is so crazy. Thank you guys, everybody who voted, my family, my wife, my beautiful boys, my parents, everyone. I love you guys so much.¨                                                                                                     

Not only is this a big motivation for all magicians all over the world who have an interest in “America’s Got Talent,” it is motivation for locals in Virginia Beach.                                                                                                                                           

“I’ve been interested in auditioning in “America’s Got Talent” since I was back in fifth grade,” said junior Tommy Locke. “Back then I probably would have auditioned for singing, but with how oversaturated the show has become with singers, I would probably go with beatboxing now.”                                                                                                         

Tommy isn’t the only student who has noticed the over-saturation of singers constantly winning “America’s Got Talent.”   

 “It’s really cool to see a magician finally win for once since almost every year the winners are either singers or dancers,” said sophomore Ava Lucas.