Alumni inducted into Astronaut Scholarship Foundation


Submitted by Stacy Bushey

Jacob Bushey pictured with parents, Stacy and Joseph Bushey at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation in August of 2021.

Former alumni, Jacob Bushey was inducted into the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation through work at the University of Virginia. Bushey, a former academy science student at Ocean Lakes, majored in chemistry and environmental science.

Now, after four years of studying the effects of ozone on conspiracy and carbon assimilation and photosynthesis, Bushey will express his ideas with other scholars at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

“I’m most excited about the opportunities I had and continue to have, to meet, learn from, collaborate with, and be inspired by my fellow Astronaut Scholars. Many of us have stayed in touch and are supporting each other as we prepare to begin to graduate school and our research careers, and I’m looking forward to maintaining those connections,” said Bushey. 

Bushey, who has a minor in religious studies, expressed that he takes most of his desire to protect nature from the word of the Bible which explains how perfect the world was made and that we have been made to protect it.

“I also draw inspiration from the Bible, which talks about how good the natural world is, and that we’re responsible for it. All of these factors combine to keep me focused and excited about my studies,” said Bushey.

While Bushey was at Ocean Lakes, he took part in the Math and Science Academy, where his interest in chemistry and appreciation for the environment grew.

“When he was in the program, he excelled in chemistry and loved nature,” said academy coordinator Allison Graves.

While he was applying as a rising junior, he got the chance to communicate and present to other researchers.

“The application involves a research proposal, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation. I submitted these last spring and heard back earlier this fall,” said Bushey.

Bushey’s mother, Stacy Bushey, was impressed by the Foundation’s event.

“It was wonderful to witness the scholars, with their insatiable curiosity, learn from and encourage each other. Their enthusiasm for research and discovery brought them together from all over the country to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as part of this (inter)stellar community. It is exciting to think of the difference they will now make together,” said Mrs. Bushey.

After his work with the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, he hopes to build a lifelong relationship with other researchers and professionals to continue to follow his dream of becoming an environmental scientist. 

“Along the lines of what I’m planning to do next though, I plan to attend graduate school next year to pursue a PhD in environmental sciences,” said Bushey.