Technical analyst returns to the classroom


Lilianna Morales

New English teacher, Thomas Stewart, works in his newly decorated classroom on Oct. 15, 2021. Stewart likes to create an atmosphere that encourages learning.

Thomas Stewart, an English teacher who has taught for 11 years around the world, is bringing a new dynamic to the classroom.

“Having had the opportunity to teach in such a variety of cultures, countries, with so many different types of students, I feel like I’m able to bring a new fresh perspective,” said Stewart.

Stewart started to teach in Hawaii, Slovakia, and Georgia. After a few years, he found his way to Ocean Lakes. In the middle of his teaching career, he took a break. Stewart chose a new job as a technical analyst but didn’t like the push of capitalism. He wanted to push students forward, so after two years, he decided to return to the English classroom. 

“I pretty quickly learned that, yes, it is more lucrative, but as I was saying earlier, I did not have the feeling of knowing every day when I woke up that my work mattered,” said Stewart.

Stewart feels that the best way for a student to learn is for the student to feel safe, welcome, and respected. He believes positive relationships with students help make classes more relevant and keep students interested. 

“Especially in an English classroom, no one wants to feel like they aren’t a good reader or a great writer, so it takes a lot of positive relationships for you to be able to give them solid feedback that could feel hurtful but is really crucial for their futures,” said Stewart.

One student from Stewart’s class believes that his teacher has a friendly and laid-back personality. He says that students are able to talk to him about any subject. The student also says that when students ask him questions, they don’t have to feel embarrassed. 

“You can really tell him anything. You can tell him about things in your life. He’s not really strict either as long as you’re responsible with your tasks,” said Jonathan Del Rosario.

According to Stewart, he’s an animated, unique, out-of-the-box teacher. He says he wants to keep students engaged and help them succeed. As a school educator, he hopes to show why school matters, and he loves making a difference.  Before he goes to sleep each night, he writes in his journal and thinks about the most positive moment of the day.

“There’s never been a day when I’m teaching where there’s not at least one positive moment,” said Stewart.