Six schools hope to add senior linebacker to their rosters next fall


Logan Stanton

Senior linebacker, Jahleel Culbreath, avoids tackle on Sept. 17, against Princess Anne High School.

Ocean Lakes senior linebacker Jahleel Culbreath remembers when his dad placed him in flag football 13 years ago. Now as of last year, he has received six college offers and impressive local recognition. 

Wingate University, Christopher Newport University, Shenandoah University, and University of Virginia-Wise are just four of the six schools that want Jahleel. The other two schools include the University of Buffalo and Army Westpoint, both Division 1 schools. 

“My biggest accomplishment? Probably getting my first Division 1 scholarship,” said Jahleel.

According to the team, Jahleel is a great teammate and a determined, hard worker. 

“He’s a great dude. He’s always funny, he supports the guys he loves. He’s always a leader, and he’s really smart with the game,” said senior quarterback Landon Spell.

Head coach James Yeager has only coached Jahleel this season but can attest to Jahleel’s intense passion for football. 

“He’s a very intense player, he likes to be very prepared, and he likes to be coached. He’s passionate about football, and he always wants to do well and is actually willing to put in the work to do well. He eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff,” said James Yeager.

“He’s one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever met,” said Yeager. “He wants to do well; he’s not scared to go up against anyone.”

As his final season comes close to the end on the Ocean Lakes football team, Jahleel is excited to take football to the next level in college and have the freedom that comes with being a college student, although he will miss the unity the team shares. 

“We do a lot of bonding, especially the seniors, I’ve been with these guys almost four years and they’ve been with me since the jump. I really love these guys so that’s what I’ll miss the most: the brotherhood,” said Jahleel.

With the recent entrance of Head Coach Yeager and only five returning starters, the team has had to adjust to a brand new coaching system and has already produced an almost undefeated season so far beating Cox, Kellam, Princess Anne, and Tallwood High School but coming up short against Green Run, Kempsville, and Salem. 

“We went into our last game undefeated, and unfortunately, it was a really close game but we weren’t able to squeak it out there in the end. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with [the season],” said Yeager.

The goal that circles around this year’s football team is to win the rest of their games and bring back that tough playoff competitiveness Ocean Lakes once had. Coach Yeager even encourages students to come out and catch a game.

“Be a part of the atmosphere; support these guys. The better the atmosphere, the more amped up our guys get and the better the spirit in the school, and typically, football kind of drives that,” said Yeager.