Star Wars explores a variety of cultures


Chris Pugh

Graphic shows the variety of art styles and stories of the Star Wars: Visions.

Chris Pugh, Entertainment editor

Star Wars: Visions is an extremely vibrant show that explores the vast Star Wars universe.  This show takes a turn on the norm for Star Wars because it is a series not canon to the main story but allows creators a chance to express their art through various stories they come up with.

“I really like the way they are introducing more art styles that diversify the community in a large amount,” said junior Cole Wagmen.

Disney funds this project on Disney Plus. This show is one of the first of its kind by Disney but also completely differs from the canon series to become its own project.

According to Disney plus, “(Star Wars: Visions) Anthology of animated shorts celebrating Star Wars through the lens of the world’s best anime creators and storytellers.”

The series takes inspiration from the movies and even goes as far as to have characters from them.

“My favorite stories are the ones that derive the most inspiration from the originals,” said Cole.

Most of the series seems to be a hit or miss because some are more childish and plain, but then some are really deep into the combination of their original views of the vast universe.  

“It is an interesting take that is refreshing, not the same old thing,” said senior Nick Bradshaw.