Early dismissal Wednesdays aid teachers, provide relief


Aly Schleder

Canva infographic to show dates and schedules for this year’s Wednesday adjusted dismissals until late January of 2022.

Virginia Beach City Public Schools recently decided to adjust school dismissals on Wednesdays from Nov. 17 until Jan. 26. 

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard directly from our school staff about how stressful this school year has been. Many of them have told me that they’re exhausted and burnt-out, and it’s only October; after those conversations, it became clear to us that they are overwhelmed and that something had to be done sooner rather than later to alleviate some of the stress,” said Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence on his Oct. 27 Deskside Chat. 

Deskside Chats with Dr. Aaron Spence can be found on the VBSchools Youtube channel under the playlist tab.