November, a time to thank the military

Military Family Appreciation Month ends Nov. 30


Riley Devlin

The Richardson family, an Ocean Lakes military family, kicks off Thanksgiving Day at the annual Turkey Trot.

November is dedicated to military families and is a reminder that it’s not just those in uniform who serve our country. 

“To me, the uniform represents sacrifices that a person has made for America. So when I see my parents in uniform, it makes me proud to be a part of a family that has proudly served the U.S.,” said sophomore Lilli Madsen. 

The month of November is set aside as a time to recognize the dedication and courage it takes to support a loved one in uniform.

“I think recognizing military families is important because they all go through a lot. We go through having to move, and parents being deployed for months at a time,” said sophomore Alivia Perind. “Our family members are out there trying to do whatever they can do to [keep] us safe.”

According to the National Military Family Association, Military Family Appreciation Month gets its origins after military spouses got together and refused to let their widowed friends grieve alone. Since then, November has been dedicated to acknowledging the sacrifices all military families make to keep the country safe.  

“Military appreciation month to me is a way that others show appreciation to those currently or previously in the military,” said Lilli. “It is very important to me because, without those in the military, we would have no one to protect the U.S., and our country becomes a less safe place to live.”

In addition to enduring hardships, military personnel pledge to protect the country and serve as role models to U.S. citizens.

“To me being in a military family is inspiring because you have someone to look up to that had to go through so much to get to where they are,” said Alivia.

Parents, siblings, spouses, and children are all affected by the contribution their loved ones make in the military.

“I wish my family could have been able to stay in places longer instead of moving almost every two years; however, I am still thankful for my experiences in other places,” said Lilli. 

In a month that symbolizes a season of thankfulness and gratitude, military appreciation fits.

“Military appreciation month is a way for all those not in the U.S. Armed Forces to say thanks or just be grateful for the military and all that they do,” said Lilli.