How one student transforms a hobby into a business in months


Jennifer Strong

Junior Liz Strong sells homemade crochet items at St. Pius X Church Winter Holiday Fair on Dec. 4.

Riley Devlin, Editor-in-Chief

One junior Liz Strong has turned her cut crocheting hobby into a lucrative business in a matter of months. 

“Liz is always looking for a way she can better her product,” said junior Ka’Mya Shaw, “which is something I admire because not everyone these days wants to hear criticism let alone good criticism that makes them better.”

Liz started to crochet last November as a way to make gifts for her family and friends, however, she had no idea that it was going to turn into a business or get the recognition it has received.

“I decided to make a business with crochet because I feel it’s a little better than working for someone else,” said Liz.“I’m my own boss, and I can choose what I sell and how I make money.”

The five basic supplies needed to make a crochet stuffed animal are hooks, stuffing, yarn needles, yarn and plastic eyes. Depending on the size and type of stuffed animal, it can take around a couple of hours for each item. 

“The process of making a product is, I think of something to make or get commissioned, and I look up a reference for what I make. Then depending on the materials and amount of time it takes me to make it, I price my products accordingly,” said Liz. 

Although Liz does not have a business site, she is in the process of making an Instagram, where she can sell her products, and create a club at school with Freya Blues, Carli Sweitzer and Abby Nelson. 

“I ordered because I wanted more than just pictures when my cats are gone. If I could give this work a 5-star review, I would because Liz made them fast and well,” said freshman Kylee Charoenpojana. 

Recently, Liz sold her products at a Winter Holiday Fair at St. Pius X Church in Norfolk, displaying all sorts of items from fruits to animals. The event profit was $180, but her highest profit totaled $400 just a couple months ago.

“I enjoy creating different products and just the process of it all. Crocheting helped me a lot through quarantine by giving me something to do during a very boring period of time. I also really like the reactions people get when they receive something I made because it lets me know people appreciate and admire my work,” said Liz.