Students organize first spikeball tournament of the year

Ocean Lakes students organize a winter spikeball tournament, open to all. The goal of the tournament is to increase the popularity of spikeball. 

“This tournament will entice more individuals to play spikeball and possibly join the club, because everyone that participates will have a blast and will meet a ton of people who also enjoy the game,” said senior Elise Richardson, an unofficial team leader.

The game of spikeball has been around for 13 years, but in the 1980s, a similar game called, “roundnet” existed. In 2008, spikeball emerged as a modernized version of roundnet. 

“The game of spikeball requires various skills. To be a good spikeball athlete is about having special awareness to know where the ball and the net is at all times, having the necessary speed and reflexes to receive the ball when it is spiked hard, and the ability to manipulate the ball to set it exactly where you want when needed,“ said junior Nate Bushey. 

The tournament will be double elimination on Dec. 7 in room 160, directly after school. After everything is set up, competitors will head outside next to the baseball fields. Additional information is on the olhsspikeball Instagram.  

If one decides to participate, they will have to fill out a link located in the Instagram bio.

“All ability levels are welcomed, the tournament is predicted to be more casual play than competitive. However, like any game, it may get competitive if players decide to go in that direction,” said Elise.