NHS and Surfrider Club band together for a beach clean up


Madison Mellon

Surfrider Club members; Sydney Teeter, Lauren Meadows, and Riley Allen picking up trash at the Sandbridge Beach clean up on Nov. 14.

Madison Mellon, Staff writer

NHS and Surfrider Club came together at Sandbridge Beach on Sunday, Nov. 14 to clear beaches of trash. The goal was to clean everything up from plastics to rubber tires.
“A student affiliated with the surfrider organization was talking with Savannah at the Fall Festival about NHS, learned that we had a beach clean-up on the horizon, and asked if her organization could help. I love when chance conversations yield meaningful networking and collaboration,” said Allison Graves.
All of the items collected were weighed, recorded and sent to Longwood University to be put into research projects.
Ocean Lakes’ National Honor Society serves the community and requires its members to have a certain amount of volunteer hours, which the beach clean contributes to.
“I liked seeing the two clubs come together because clubs do not often collaborate. With a friend, I was able to collect two pounds of trash in an hour and a half,” said NHS member Chelsea Agyei.
The Surfrider Club joined this beach clean-up because the club is “dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network,” according to Surfrider Foundation.
To get involved join the Surfrider club at the next beach clean up Nov. 20. Details will be posted on the OL_Surfrider Instagram page.
“I feel the beach clean-up was a huge success. A lot of people showed up and had a great time working together while bettering our environment,” said Surfrider member Zoe Hall.