Senior close to breaking school records for cross country

Senior Brent Bailey is close to breaking several school records for cross country.

“In cross country I am about 20 seconds from the school record. The school record is 14:55, and I am at 15:13 right now,” said Brent. “In track I am really close to the half mile record. The half mile record is 1:55.50, and I am 1:55.52.”

For the mile Brent is four seconds off from beating the school record of 4:11.

“I’m excited for track this year, because I really want to beat the record,” said Brent.

The team practices every day, with one day off per week, which usually falls on a Friday. Occasionally, Brent will run twice a day, especially during the summer when he has a lot of free time.

“Brent is a very ambitious runner with aspirations of becoming a state champion. My goal is to prepare him aerobically and mentally,” said coach Michael Nestor. “He has prepared more every year to be in this position.”

Brent started competitive running in eighth grade.

“There are many reasons why I started, my cousin especially. He was a runner in college, and he said it would be a good idea,” said Brent. “I also had friends on the track team in my middle school that convinced me to run. So I ended up doing it and really liking it, which is why I am doing it today.”

Brent plans to continue running after high school at a collegiate level. He has contacted both UVA and Wake Forest coaches.

“Going off to college is complicated and often unpredictable. You double your running and your school demands,” said Nestor. “College athletics isn’t for everyone, but I believe OL has prepared him well: academically, socially, and athletically.”

Brent likes to lead by example and tries communicating hard work to the younger runners. He wants to show them that there is always room for improvement.

“I am really glad to be on the Ocean Lakes track and cross country team. It is one of the best in the state and hopefully by the end of the year, one of the best in the country,” said Brent.