Freshman carves way into business world


Adrian Bojaxhi

Freshman Adrian Bojaxhi carves wood into eloquent pieces.

Aly Schleder, Features Editor

One freshman decided he wanted a hobby, but somehow, he created a woodworking business instead. 

“I would say I really got into [woodworking] this past summer, but I really started when I was around eight years old,” said freshman Adrian Bojaxhi. “My grandpa got me into [woodworking]; he has been doing it for about 20 years now. I saw him working one day and got curious and just started working with him.”

Adrian makes items from rings and pens to intricate clocks. 

“It’s just a hobby for me right now, but I would like to start selling [my work]. I would mostly sell rings and pens, but I would also be doing custom work if someone requested,” said Adrian. 

Rings are priced around $20 to $25 with bigger items, such as his clocks, priced at $45 to $50. Size, intricacy and design will determine prices for custom orders. 

“[Woodworking] was something that really interested me, and I really appreciate the work that goes into it,” said Adrian, who accepts cash payments for his work. 

Interested in a last minute gift? Contact him via text or call at (757) 478-4585.