Ghostbusters: Afterlife renews a modern aspect to the Ghostbuster’s franchise


Katie Wong

Recognize the movie logo, Ghostbusters makes a return to the theaters during holidays of 2021.

Charm thrives in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. From the ghosts to the gals, the movie replicated the same comedic experiences and breathtakingly storylines as the original movie did back in 1984.

Directed by Jason Reitman and produced by Ivan Reitman, Afterlife hit theaters Nov. 19, 2021. The movie will be released for streaming in January 2022. 

Compared to the original movie, Afterlife was phenomenal. The references to the original movie were delivered smoothly, and the plot carried over remarkably well. It was an appropriate ending to the story, with much of the same comedic overtones and creep factors.

Not only did the chemistry between characters seem genuine, the romantic subplot was age appropriate. Both parties of the romantic subplot seemed interested; it wasn’t just one’s obsession with the other. 

Afterlife was widely expected to be similar to the first movie, specifically plot-wise. It wasn’t. The first movie ended well, but it still left some dissatisfaction over conflict with the main antagonist, Gozer, and the underlying idea that the threat would return. 

While its comedy provides authenticity, it had some issues with pacing. The characters’ interactions may have been appropriate, but they felt rushed. Both beginning sequences were suspenseful and served as a reminder that this is a supernatural film, but the movie slowed dramatically.

Introductions to each character took up too much time of the movie. Action thrillers need a faster pace, which is why it deserved four out of five stars. 

Despite the pacing issues, the movie ended on a heartwarming note. Each character’s puzzle piece locked in place, and their bonds solidified the resolution. The movie resurrected warm feelings of humor and camaraderie that the original left behind.