Students make up CPR training


Chris Pugh

Students learn how to perform proper CPR with teacher Yogi Booth in the school library on Feb. 3.

CPR training, required to graduate high school in Virginia, was missed by many students due to the pandemic. Students now have the opportunity to make it up on Fri., Jan. 28, and Thurs., Feb 3.

“Due to COVID-19 across the last couple of years, the kids have not been able to get that CPR training,” said counselor Chris Murray. “It was make-up for seniors and juniors who need it to graduate.”

Students were required to learn how to properly perform chest compressions and how to use an automated external defibrillator.

Virginia has required students to complete CPR training to graduate since 2013 as a result of Gwyneth’s Law, which was passed after a student was not able to receive immediate healthcare at school and thus died of cardiac rest.

“It’s usually a unit in the 10th grade P.E. class,” said Murray. “It has become a graduation requirement that’s based on Gwyneth’s Law, which was adopted by the Virginia State Assembly.”