What to stream during Black History Month


Kalorra Smith

Canva shows some of the series and films highlighted on Netflix during Black History Month.

Kalorra Smith, Co-Features Editor

Throughout Black History Month, streaming services highlight a collection of black television series and films, and many are worth a watch.

On Netflix, the Black History Month category displays movies such as “Passing,”  and series like “When They See Us” and “Self Made.” 

“Passing is a movie about a time where African Americans had to take ‘the paper bag test’ where if you were lighter than a paper bag, you were given certain privileges, and anyone with skin darker than a paper bag was treated poorly,” said junior Ka’Mya Shaw. 

Each series or movie details historical events that shaped the framework of black Americans in the United States. 

“When They See Us” is about ‘The Central Park Five,’ a group of five black boys who were wrongfully convicted of murder and rape that they did not commit, but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Ka’Mya. 

In the Netflix Original titled, “Self Made,” Madam C. J. Walker, a woman who made a fortune making hair care products for black women, showcased her life and challenges on the road to success.  

“The best part of ‘Self Made’ was when Madam C. J. Walker realized her self-worth,” said Ka’Mya.