Leadership workshop rounds up, revs up

Leadership Workshop is now accepting applications for 2022 Ocean Lakes Leadership Workshop Delegates.

“We’re bringing about 150 kids and doing team-building exercises,” said Darcy Pohl, one of the sponsors for the Leadership Workshop this year. “It’s really about helping them figure out to be better leaders.”

Students on the Leadership Workshop Executive Board visited advisory classes to help advertise and round up students for the event that will take place Fri., March 11 through Sat., March 12.  They even created an entertaining video to try and create interest to apply. Find it on youtube @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_6wLfUHQ-U.

“It’s run by kids, so we have about 25 juniors and seniors that work on the staff,” said Pohl. “They help us get ready for the whole day.”

It costs $25 to attend.

The application is due Fri., Feb. 11. Students are able to sign up through QR codes placed around the school, or can use this link to apply.