2022 Super Bowl playoffs lead to the big game

Drew Chadwick, Staff Writer

February means it’s Super Bowl season. With a playoffs recap, it’s time to strap in for a wild ride on Sunday where the Cincinnati Bengals face the Rams. 

Wild card weekend came and went in a flash, and the American Football Conference (AFC) sent some powerhouses to Divisionals. In the first round of playoffs, the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Las Vegas Raiders comfortably. After long droughts, the Bengals finally won their first playoff game since 1990. 

Buffalo Bills blew out the New England Patriots in the wild card round, and it proves that the Bills are the new owners of the AFC East division; it’s the Patriots’ turn to sit out.

Kanas City Chiefs beat an unrecognizable Pittsburg Steelers team. The fact that the Steelers made it that far in the first place amazed fans. Sadly, this defeat sent beloved quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, to retirement. It was devastating to see yet another great quarterback, that all football fans have grown up watching, hang up his cleats. Hopefully, a new legend will take the reins of ‘Six-burgh.’

Over in the NFC, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sailed through the Philadelphia Eagles defense, proving that Tom Brady still held his Greatest of All Time (GOAT) status until the last hour. 

In a huge upset, San Francisco 49ers demolished the Dallas Cowboys, along with their hopes for a long-awaited Super Bowl. 

In a turn of events, Los Angeles Rams will advance over the more favored Arizona Cardinals. This produced an extremely hyped Rams team, with hopes to host their own Super Bowl. 

It’s fair to say that the divisional round gave us some of the most exciting yet nerve-racking games that fans have seen in years. All four games concluding in a last second field goal.

Cincinnati Bengals overcame the Tennessee Titans in a wild ride ending in Bengal victory.  Resulting in the Bengals first AFC Championship since 1989 when they made it to Super Bowl XXIII.

Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, and wide receiver, Ja’marr Chase’s have had fantastic performances this year. It’s safe to say that the odds of them becoming the next dominating franchise are as high as ever. The Bengals have enormous potential for future seasons. 

In the craziest divisional game in the last decade, the Kansas City Chiefs outlasted the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs for a second time in overtime. Another example of why the overtime rules need to be changed. The Chiefs will return to the Championship for the third year in a row with quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, pursuing his second ring. While the Bills will once again take the bus back to Buffalo with their heads held high. If things go their way, we will definitely see quarterback, Josh Allen and the Bills Mafia back again to tear up the Chiefs and go the distance.

Los Angeles Rams defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a nail bitting game, which got the Rams even closer to the Super Bowl. Rams quarterback, Matthew Stafford, finally reached the NFC Championship for the first time in his NFL career. Whereas, Buccaneers treasured quarterback, Tom Brady, will head to retirement after 22 phenomenal seasons, leaving his legacy behind him.

The Green Bay Packers were plowed by the San Francisco 49ers in a game full of turnovers. This sent the 49ers back to the championship for the second time in three years. After the Packers’ fourth crucial playoff loss in a row, quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, is currently looking for his passage out of Green Bay in hopes for a better chance at a Super Bowl ring. So far he has his eyes set on Pittsburgh and Denver.

The championships are over and the two teams to play in Super Bowl LVI have been chosen. The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals managed to pull through an intense game against the Chiefs in overtime. After being down by an 18-point deficit, they came back in the second half to tie it up. The Bengals will meet In Los Angeles, at the Rams famous, “SoFi” Stadium. Who took the night from the 49ers in a payback game after losing to them twice in the regular season. 

Super Bowl LVI will take place on Sunday, Feb. 13 between the Bengals and the Rams. Excitement fills the air. If the Bengals win, then they will take home their first ever Super Bowl trophy. Quarterback, Joe Burrow, will come home a hero. If the Rams win, then they will achieve their second Super Bowl trophy. This game will go down in history.