“Freshies” can now survive and succeed in high school

Tips and tricks from experienced students to help freshman succeed


Infographic created by Harley Middleton

Freshman year is the first, big transition from teen to young adult. Many “freshies” feel nervous upon entering high school. Common fears and anxieties include fitting in, having friends, struggling to find classes, and making a sports team. These fears and struggles can be easily alleviated through planning.
The first thing to keep in mind is that academics are the most important. Start by asking teachers for help when needed. I find it very helpful to communicate with my teachers about due dates or homework problems. The teachers here are always willing to help students in any way they can. Creating a study group is also a good way to help remember information in a relaxed and fun way.

Also, time management is key to having good grades and turning assignments in on time. Student should use the planners that were provided by administration to write down when assignments are due. It is also important to check Google Classrooms daily.
“Students should do their homework on the night it was given. This allows them to have an extra day to go back to their teacher and ask questions if they’re stuck on something,” said business teacher Beth Hubbard.
Many students stress out over social groups and fitting in. Try to create a friend group with at least one person from every kind of social group (i.e. an athlete, a “smart kid”, a class clown).

During my freshman year, I transferred mid year from Kellam High School and had to find a whole new group of friends. My friend group consisted of many different personalities because it is nice to see how other people think.
Attending or participating in school events is a must for making new friends. Ocean Lakes hosts events, such as Class Cup, Powderpuff, Gauntlet, and Fall Fest.
“Try to get involved in the school. There are so many programs that students can get involved in that will help express their interests, while also giving back to the school,” said senior Maddy Delmonte.
Despite being a volleyball player, I myself was not very involved in many school events my freshmen year, and it’s the one thing that I regret. I became a reporter for the school newspaper my sophomore year and have met other writers who share my interests.
“Don’t be afraid to get involved from the start. Especially if you have a passion for a specific sport, art, service, or activity,” said senior Angelica Estrada.
Try not to spend hours at a time on homework. Do some homework for an hour or two, then take a short snack break. Homework should come before game time or phone time. I find it very helpful to use my study block to do as much homework as I can. That way I am not stressing out too much when I get home, and I can relax for a little while.
Personal and mental health is also very important to the success and enjoyment of one’s high school experience. Have a few good friends to talk to in case things get rough in school or at home. It is also good to have one trusted teacher to talk to as well. Sometimes having a trusted adult to get advice from can be better than getting advice from a friend.
“Don’t be afraid of high school. They’re honestly the best years of school you’ll ever experience, especially here at Ocean Lakes,” said Angelica.