2023 Teacher of the Year awarded for her work ethic


Elena Arroyo

Teacher of the Year Wendy Tate and SCA President Chelsea Agyei work in the SCA workroom on Jan. 27, 2022.

SCA adviser Wendy Tate believes that her work ethic and dedication to her craft earned her the title of this year’s Teacher of the Year.

According to Tate, her 24 years of teaching, with 17 of those years at Corporate Landing Middle, two years in Portsmouth at SECEP and a year of being the SCA adviser, all factored into Tate’s career and  led her to where she is today. She has taught English, math, history, life skills courses, and English Reading and Academic Concepts. She has all the requirements and provisions for Teacher of the Year.

Though her accomplishments as a teacher are impressive, her involvement in the school was hard to miss.  This past year Tate has assisted with homecoming, the fall bonfire, Middle School Leadership Workshop, dodgeball and bingo events.

“As a teacher she’s really dedicated,and she will go above the curriculum to make sure students know more than they have to. She works beyond what is required of her,” said Chelsea Agyei, SCA president.

Tate remained resilient during the pandemic, never allowing the extreme conditions  to negatively impact the way she approaches education.

“It was up and down. Just when you think you have it, something changed. You have to be resilient. But, it’s kinda forced people to change, and people don’t like change. It’s forced people to do things they’re not comfortable with and how they do things. But I think that’s kinda a good thing; you just gotta learn how to take care of yourself and learn how to deal with a change,” said Tate.