The war in Ukraine will only get worse

A map display of the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

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A map display of the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Despite relentless sanctions and criticism from NATO countries and Ukraine, Putin has not stopped his attempted siege of Ukraine. I don’t think he ever will. 

Putin has lied to his own people about what occurs in Ukraine, as well as lied to the NATO countries on why he has chosen to attack Ukraine. Putin has silenced his own people who speak out on this war, and Putin has gone out of his way to make sure that his silence envelops his people, that they do not hear anything but what he wants them to hear. 

If Putin had wanted to be stopped or had any plans of ending the war, he would have stopped when the sanctions were released and when Ukraine first started its resistance. Putin has proven his determination to take over Ukraine, and he has made it clear that the only way he will be stopped is if his attempt is forcibly put down. 

Putin clearly wants something from Ukraine. If he had wanted to destroy Ukraine, he would have. He would have used his nuclear weapons as soon as Ukraine started to resist, but Putin wants something from Ukraine, he will do his best to make sure that not all of this country is damaged in the war. 

That doesn’t necessarily stop his assault. Mariupol has been under bombardment for months now and has been practically reduced to rubble. According to AP News, Ukraine has moved to abandon the resistance in the city. Russia has called it a surrender, but Ukraine did not acknowledge it as one, though that will not stop Russia from taking the victory.

Putin’s need to take Ukraine has stacked the war crimes high. According to an ongoing investigation conducted by the Associated Press and PBS, there are 242 potential war crimes documented in Ukraine. One of them is the bombing of a school.

War crime trials have started for the war. The inaugural trial is for a 21-year old Russian soldier, who according to, shot and killed an unarmed civilian under orders from superior officers. The man apparently was on the phone and the officers believed he was a threat and ordered him to be taken out. According to the soldier’s statement, he initially refused. He plead guilty and asked the widow for forgiveness. The widow asked for a life sentence.

Putin has made it obvious that he has no regard for the humanity of the country he seeks. He does not care for the people who have been slaughtered or the destruction that has been caused. He has shown no sign of mercy and he has consistently proven that he refuses to be stopped. He does not care for the cost of what he wants, just as long as he gets it.

So the United States should continue to provide support to Ukrainian refugees, whether aid lies in providing supplies and rations or offering a home to the displaced civilians; the United States should continue to provide help, but NATO and the United States should not get involved in the war any further than they have. They should not declare war on Russia, and they should not have their troops take up arms against Russia. This war is gruesome and heartbreaking, but it should not become World War III. This war has been a massacre of faith and civilians; we do not need more bodies added to the piles. 

Putin is unpredictable. If other countries get involved any further, there is no way to predict the consequences. The people do not need Putin to lash out against other countries. He may not use his nuclear weapons on Ukraine, but there is no guarantee he would not use them on us.