Good beats give good thoughts


Hailey Bombard

Drawing by Hailey Bombard depicting the positive emotions that emerge from music.

Music is the ultimate mood booster. It’s incredible that a few beats could result in a complete shift in spirit. From ancient hymns to modern-day hip-hop, music has been an influential part of human life. It affects everyone in different ways. Whatever the effect may be, it will always offer a positive one.  Especially in a high school classroom. 

Not only can music provide joy, but it has also been seen to energize and motivate. That’s why it’s commonly played before sports games or school tests. Listening to music is the best way to feel hyped and motivated.

Ironically, even sad music has been proven to lift spirits and bring comfort to listeners according to recent research done by 1,500 students from Durham University.

The type of music people choose to listen to is very important. The purpose of music is to express and modulate emotion. Some songs can be harmful and give off negative thoughts. The best solution is to stay away from songs that consist of violence and aggression. 

Although music has the ability to bolster negative emotions, it can also counteract these feelings with good emotions. The best way to avoid listening to songs that will cause negative emotions is to listen to a genre that supports positive ones. Songs without crude language and aggressive beats propose good memories. Playing songs that convey happy memories is the best way to cope with emotions. 

This is the exact reason why music should always be allowed during class time and tests. For instance, music is the sole reason why students survive the school day. 

Listening to music in class is both beneficial for the teacher and the student. For the student, it reduces feelings of anxiety, stress, encourages positive thoughts, and helps them remain on task. For the teachers, it reduces socializing and distractions between students. A teacher’s dream. 

Music has its significant benefits, Within a few clicks, the possibility of songs are limitless. The ability to manipulate mood and evoke emotion is the reason why everyone needs a few good beats in their life.

“Don’t Worry, be Happy.”