Boys lacrosse launches into the spring season

The team improves and beats their competitor.


Scott Weersing

Senior Sean Kerrigan charges towards the goal after winning the face-off against Grassfield on March 30 at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex.

Riley Devlin, Editor-in-Chief

Boys lacrosse proved their strength with a win against Grassfield, Wed., March 30, at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex.

This game was a big morale boost for the team after a loss against Grassfield last year in the playoffs. The Dolphins improved to a record of 1-1 for the spring season. 

“We learned a lot this game, what our strengths are and what we need to improve on, we still need to find out our identity as a team but that will reveal itself through the season,” said junior Tyson Jacques. 

Ethan Locke started the game strong with the first goal of the game and season for Ocean Lakes. At half time the score was 7-8 and the Dolphins were losing, but by the fourth quarter, the Dolphins solidified their lead and won 13-11. 

The Dolphins take on the Bayside Marlins on Monday, April 18 at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex at 7:15 p.m. on field 1. 

“The future of the team is looking bright,” said junior Michael Locke.