Alumnus Katrina Miller touches the sky as a flight attendant  


Depicts Katrina Miller in her flight attendant attire standing near the   airline logo she works at. Photo by Makenna Miller 

Makenna Miller , staff writer, entertainment editor


Katrina Miller, 2008 alumni, followed her dreams of travel and became a flight attendant for jetBlue. 

“I feel honored that I can help so many people feel safe and comfortable while they have an enjoyable flight,”  said Miller.

Miller went through a three-month school, which was a quick educational course.  

“I attended a school called The Travel Academy,” said Miller, “and I overcame three interview parts.”  

Miller looked back on her years at Ocean Lakes and enjoyed the musical journey. 

“Mrs. Greber is the most memorable teacher for me because she was my band teacher. I played the trombone in her class, and I felt whimsical and special, considering I was a girl in the brass line section,” said Miller.