Offensive line leads team to a 7-1 record


(Left to right) Sophomore Tyler Stephens, sophomore Nathan Brunelle, senior Joey Kirby, and senior Joshua Williams hustle off the field after a successful drive against Kellam on August 25. Photo credits: Redweaselmedia

Jackson Bracknell, sports writer, copy editor

The “O-line” for Ocean Lakes provides protection for quarterback Alexander Jedlick which leads the team to only one loss and a 20-0 win over the Bayside Marlins on Saturday.

The Dolphin’s offensive domination is largely accredited to Alexander, but he gives major credit to the line.

“They are the most important part of our offense,” said Xander. “Without them the offense is nothing.”

The offensive line is often overlooked, but the line can carry a team’s offensive success.

“We play smashmouth football thats all there is to it,” said senior left guard tackle Joey Kirby.

The five man line stands together when blocking pass-rushers and off the field as well.

“We are all brothers on and off the field,” said senior left tackle A.J. Atkins. “That’s why before every game we break on ‘five strong.’ We all stick together.”