Assembly back and better than ever

SCA hosts first in-person assembly since 2019


Olivia Howes

Students, faculty and staff gather together for the traditional “we are somebody” speech at the football stadium on May 20, 2022.

After a two-year hiatus and led by Principal Dr. Claire LeBlanc and SCA president Chelsea Agyei, the first in-person assembly brought back a tried and true tradition for the student boy and gave upperclassmen a dolphin spirit uplifter.
The assembly started with the National Anthem, performed by the band and choir, and ended with the famous “We are Somebody” speech by Yolanda Booth.
“In order to make this possible, we needed to get permission from Dr. LeBlanc, make a script to follow, and organize captivating games that groups would perform,” said senior Naya Thompson.
To appreciate each team, all sports were recognized for each season, and spring sports were allotted a speech from their coaches on the football field.
“The assembly was so fun. It was nice to have a sense of normalcy and see everyone’s love for OL one more time before graduating,” said  senior Luke Botelho.