Number 29 takes the field


Mary Selph

Blake Dickerson pitches during their game against Glenn Allen on April 30, 2022.

Alyssa Libasci, Staff Writer

Determined to pitch a strike, junior Blake Dickerson plays with a strong swing on the pitcher’s mound. He has a strong throw for all three of his pitches.

According to Blake and his teammates, his most impressive moves were games against the Providence (3-1) , Godwin (9-6) and Western Branch teams (4-3).

“In the Providence game, I had 12 strikeouts in five innings, and in the Godwin game I had 10 strikeouts and a home run,” said Blake, who hopes to continue the success in the playoffs.

Blake has a 1.5 DRA-, 50 strikeouts on the season, and batting around 400.

“He’s got a great feel for pitching, He’s got a great feel for his arm and his body position, and he’s a killer on the mound and a killer competitor,” said Coach Peter Zell.

According to Zell, he is one of the best players on the team and has support from his teammates. Next season and during the playoffs, he is expected to be even more of a leader.

“They [teammates] really push me to do better and motivate me. They can definitely watch what I do and tell me if I’m doing something wrong, and pick me up,” said Blake.

Blake will always find a way to get his opponent out when he is pitching and uses his knowledge to help make the right decisions. 

“He has some of the most baseball knowledge I’ve ever heard, which helps him dominate on the diamond,” said sophomore Colin Benson.