Digital art class begins upcoming school year


Elena Arroyo

Flyer of the new Digital Art class located in room 106. Coming to Ocean Lakes in the 2022 – 2023 school year. Taken on March 29, 2022

A new digital art class has been introduced for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.
This class advances from standard Art l to Art ll: Digital Media and Design, Art lll: Digital Media and Design, and finally to AP Digital Art.
“If you want to go into anything in production, this helps to have a foundation, it’s a great addition because having a hand in the benefits of the arts whichever way you wanna go. That goes for film or anything moving picture. It’s a great skill to have,” said new digital art teacher Chris Heidt, whose an experienced artist of twenty years.
Much like a traditional art class, focusing on students’ level and capability in their art, this class offers those same opportunities.
“I’m more than excited about Virginia Beach finally creating a digital curriculum. It is long overdue and the program our leaders have outlined for us will not only bring our program up to date but will also catapult us forward,” said art teacher Lindsay Roberts.
Art l is required before enrolling in Digital Media and Design but it is open to all OLHS students. This class works with iMac labs, large format printers, tablets, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
“I think most artists consider digital tools a material, just like paint or clay. If a student understands fundamental art concepts and is successful with paint and other mediums, there is no reason they wouldn’t be successful with digital art as well,” said Roberts.
Considering all that this class comes with, it really offers something luxurious in a form of creativity and expression. Art is something that many people may have found comfort in and have grown a deep passion for. Whether that ambition is for a hobby or one’s future, you can now take that and incorporate it into academia.
“To take a passion that builds for years and years and make it a reality is amazing. All I can say is to push through it and never give up. Artist block is real but it comes and goes. I’ve been through it a bazillion times, but being in the environment of it makes you better because high school is where the energy is, there are characters, there are stories, I encourage you to keep it up” said Heidt.