The Earth is calling for help

Climate change continues to take a toll on the planet


Surfrider and the Art club collaborated to recycle single-use plastic bottles to make a sculpture of the OL mascot, a dolphin. The sculpture was completed and put on display outside the library on May 6, 2022. (Taken by Halle Packard)

The Earth has limited time left to prevent irreversible climate disasters.

In more recent years, scientists have continued to stress the importance of working to prevent further harm to the earth’s climate. 

According to the United Nations, “it’s now or never to limit global warming to 2.7-degrees Fahrenheit.” If not done, the planet’s current environmental course will start displaying the damage that has been done. 

The UN warns that without immediate emissions reductions across the globe, it will soon become impossible to limit global warming. 

“It’s scary to think about. I mean, I think we knew [climate change] was a serious issue, but the thought of the worst-case scenario happening soon is very alarming,” said sophomore Maddie Anton. 

Signs of climate change are all around: melting glaciers, prolonged droughts and heatwaves, and more severe weather storms. 

Atmospheric physicist Alex Hall told CBS News that extreme heat and sea-level rise are events that will become more intense and frequent.

“I feel like we have felt the effects of climate change for a while, but hopefully now more people can work together to help the planet,” said sophomore Reiko Acosta. 

Countries across the globe are beginning to unite on the issue of climate change, most recently with over 190 countries signing the Paris Climate Agreement, signifying that climate change is one of the central issues of our time. 

Although climate change is an extensive issue, there are still small things that can be done to minimize its effects on the planet.

“Look at dietary guidelines a little differently,” said oceanography teacher, Santo Ripa. “Waste is a huge issue and so is fixing that. If we can use more organically grown products where there’s no emissions, then that’s one way we can help [climate change]. That’s why I think farm to table is really great.”

In addition to that, using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones, walking or biking instead of driving, turning off lights, and saving water when possible are fairly easy ways to help prevent further damage to the planet. 

“Doing little things to help Earth may seem futile, but if enough people work together to help, it can make a much-needed difference,” said Maddie.