Filtering out the competition

Senior’s medical engineering project focusing on blood filtration wins award


Fara Wiles

Senior Omar Abul-Hassan smiles in the OL hallway April 8, 2022 after taking home fourth place in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Stanford-bound senior Omar Abul-Hassan recently placed in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, bringing home fourth place. 

“I had a project that had to do with machine learning to expedite medical processes for nephrology analysis,” said Abul-Hassan. 

The competition entailed project construction as well as a question and answer forum pertaining to the subject matter covered by the student.  

“I did well in the interviews. They would ask your questions about your project, on the go, and you would have to really understand your project to answer them,” Abul-Hassan explained. 

In addition to the judges, Abul-Hassan also inspired fellow students and faculty alike. 

“I was impressed by him because I hadn’t heard him do activities throughout the school year, and he moved so silently that I was impressed by his accomplishments,” said senior Olivia Spear. 

Science teacher Babette Shoemaker was also impressed with the project. 

Omar earned the fourth Award for Robotics and Intelligent Machines and a 1200 dollar award from CAST (China Association for Science and Technology). 

According to the Science for Society press release, Abul-Hassan’s project entitled  A Helmholtzian Deep Learning Approach to Glomeruli Segmentation Using Energy-Based Models for Uncertainty Estimation, was among several 1200 dollar award winners from all across the United States. 

“My project was unique. I think I did a good job being original,” said Abul-Hassan.