Senior assassin game concludes just hours before graduation

Class of 2022 tackles senior assassin


Brayden Scharfe

Seniors, LJ James and Sofia Ramos pose for the camera in front of Sofia’s house after a taxing water gun kill on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

After a long four years of dedication, hard work and planning, seniors celebrated their last few weeks with an annual game of Senior Assassin.

This game is where seniors are assigned targets, and they must shoot their targets with a water-gun to eliminate them before the end of each round. As the rounds progress, the number of players gets smaller until one person is left. 

“My favorite thing about Senior Assassin is that it brings all the seniors together for a fun game and makes everyone feel like little kids again,” said senior Hunter Dinsmoor.

Senior Assassin is an event that many students look forward to every year, as they see the senior class enter a fierce and fun competition for a cash prize.

 “You sign up by paying Brayden Scharfe $10 then giving him your name,” said senior Maggie Reed. “You win if you’re the last person standing at the end of all the rounds.”

The signup deadline was May 5, 2022, and the first round started on May 10. With a total of four rounds with each round lasting 10 days. As of now, 90 people are signed up to participate, which is a bigger turnout than the past three years. 

“I would describe Senior Assassin as the one thing you hope you don’t lose at,” said Dinsmoor. “I do plan to take it competitively.”

Each senior class has the freedom to add any special perks or immunity items to the rule book. This year Brayden Scharfe, Senior Assassin organizer, decided to add host lives, paid bounties, creative kill awards and purge day. 

“Get all your senior friends to join because more people is more fun,” said Scharfe.

More information about Senior Assassin can be found on the Ocean Lakes Senior Assassin Instagram for the class of 2022 at olseniorassasin22. 

“Senior Assassin is the highlight of many seniors’ final year. This game is something that many people have been looking forward to since freshman year, and now it’s our turn to play,” said Dinsmoor.