Humans of OL: Reyhan Akkale

“I think Islam in our culture is viewed in a negative light caused by media. The actions on the news of said ‘Muslims’ are not representing what Islam truly is, which is peace. We are not supposed to harm anyone or any animal. We can’t even cut down a tree without the will of God,” said practicing Muslim Reyhan Akkale. “Something to keep in mind when viewing countries that are mostly Muslim is differentiating between culture and religion. Some countries have integrated them as one, which is wrong. I do think that being Muslim is considered some kind of taboo in Christian dominated America. You can most certainly read and watch countless articles about Islamophobia and racism that America exhibits towards Muslims. There have been instances of injustice in my personal life because of what I wore and what I believed in. The way that I was treated in these accounts was not something that would happen to the ordinary American citizen.”