Time to get involved

Orientation gives students a peak at activities offered at OL.

Over 90 clubs and activities were showcased at this year’s New Student Orientation. Student-centered clubs gathered in the cafeteria on Aug. 26, 2022, to show new students what activities Ocean Lakes offers their student body.

Among some of the clubs offered are the Surfrider Foundation and Operation Smile club.

“I would recommend Surfrider Foundation to a freshman in a heartbeat. It’s an easy club, and the existing members are incredibly sweet and welcoming. It is also a great way to get involved with your community and get in some extra volunteer service hours,” said senior Surfrider Foundation club chairman Zoe Hall. 

Clubs often provide stress-free environments for students to learn how to collaborate with their peers while working towards a common purposeful goal.

“For someone new, I would tell them to not expect much in terms of responsibility and time commitment to the club. Our meetings are an hour and a half long and normally pretty laid back,” said senior Millicent Mak, Operation Smile club member. “You get volunteer hours, you meet kind-hearted and like-minded people, and we feed you from time to time; you’re in the loop about opportunities through Operation Smile.”

These club experiences help show both colleges and employers that the student seeks real-world experience.

“For building my academic resume, my participation in clubs has been helpful because it shows whoever’s looking at it that I’m interested in a variety of things and willing to spend a bit more time in school to pursue them,” said Millicent.

Sports teams are a more physical alternative to get involved and provide daily routines and in some cases, support systems for academics. Many speak of their school sports team highly, considering them family.

“At the end of every practice, we conclude with a player chanting, ‘Family on three; family on me: 1, 2, 3,’ and the rest of the team shouts, ‘family.’ In essence, one joins the football team to be a part of a unique family that strives to improve one another and always have each other’s backs,” said junior and football team member, Dominic Weir.

For more information on clubs, sports and activities, visit the bookmarks, top left, in the Student LiveBinder.