Astronomy Club explores more than constellations


Riley Gomez

Astronomy club sponsor Michelle Bailey-Hennessey stands outside room 223 on Oct. 14, 2022, to display the poster she uses to advertise astronomy club.

Astronomy Club was set in motion for the first time this school year on Oct. 7, and it encourages all students to still join if they like astronomy.

The club explores the universe with astronomy-related activities that the regular class does not, including meteor showers, rockets, constellations, X.O planets, black holes and telescopes.

“We can get to do things we don’t have time for in class; for example, I go into more depth with what’s happening outside,” said club sponsor Michelle Bailey-Hennessey.

Although the Astronomy Club is not just about constellations and space, it’s more than that. 

“For anybody that’s interested in space, space exploration, and wants to know more. You don’t have to be an astronomy student to be in the astronomy club. It’s open for everyone,” said Bailey-Hennessey.

The club meets in room 223.

“The environment of the club was very welcoming and fun, and the teacher had many activities and topics planned for the astronomy club already,” said junior Natalie Patton.