Early graduation a result of 4×4


Scholarship Systems

Infographic from thescholarshipsystem.com about the main pros and cons students debate on.

Liam Marr, Staff Writer

Early graduation rates were increased this year, and this is largely due to the new 4×4 schedule. Students can now take their 11th-grade classes in one semester and their 12th-grade classes in another. 

While the 4×4 schedule helps students graduate early, it does have some issues.

“The 4×4 schedule kind of keeps everything in balance. My worry is that as we get close to the end of the term, pressure to finish work is there for teachers,” said assistant principal Amanda Malbon.

Early graduation benefits students by providing an early start to future goals, allowing a gap year to save money, and helping students decide what career seems best.

“I wanted to graduate early so I could finish school and start my career early. I took most of my major credit classes in middle school,” said senior Ashley Barclift.

Most students debate on college or choose the military as a faster option. Here in Virginia Beach, Tidewater Community College is a common choice. 

“It’s a mix, a lot of students are planning on going to TCC. It’s cheaper, and you can transfer anywhere, who is also choose to join the military,” said Joanna Bounviri, the head counselor who is also in charge of dual enrollment. 

A number of staff members encourage early graduation to students, but only if it is suited for them, and it is more of a benefit than a disadvantage.

“I think a lot of the 4×4 allows this to be more accessible. For example, a senior can now catch up with their peers and graduate without summer school,” said Malbon.