FCA still believes faith serves as a foundation for student athletes


Nathan Brock

Club Members, Ben and Gracie Tignor, and junior Melanie Dunaway, enjoy donuts and Chick-fil-a as they watch a video from a series of Tim Tebow, who is renowned speaker about the Bible, on Nov. 2, 2022, in room 137.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club for all people who want to meet and discuss their Christian beliefs.

Club sponsor Heath Boomer has sponsored FCA at Ocean Lakes for 15 years. He, along with former baseball coach Gary Spedden and former softball coach Jack Wheeler brought FCA to Ocean Lakes in 2007. However, FCA is also its own organization outside of Ocean Lakes. 

“We got the chance to meet with a local representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and we wanted to have a safe spot at the school for kids to gather with like interest,” said Boomer.

Club member Katelyn Snow has expressed how the community and the topic of the Bible in sports is what makes her keep going back. 

“You get to talk to other people and see how the Bible can get brought into sports,” said Katelyn. 

The club meets from 6:45-7:10 a.m. every Wednesday in room 137. More information can be found at fca.org or from Boomer in room 137. 

“The design of FCA is just an area where kids can understand they’re not in the fight alone,” said Boomer.