Class of 2025 commits to an eventful year


Ocean Lakes Class of 2025

Class of 2025 executive team stands in front of their decorated hallway, ready for the homecoming decoration contest in early October.

Nathanial Swindle, Staff Writer

The Class of 2025 has just finished this year’s homecoming hall decoration and is planning much more for this year. With a cashola fundraiser coming up on Nov. 4 at Panera Bread and holiday events in December, this year is bound to be event-packed.

“We meet regularly to discuss plans for upcoming events,” said club sponsor Michelle Bailey-Hennessey.

Since the class takes up about a quarter of the school, the impact of the Class of 2025 on the school is very important.

“We would like to host events that would let our class bond,” said the Class of 2025 vice president Gillian Gutierrez. 

“I am able to make friends with people I would never see otherwise since we don’t have classes together,” said Class Of 2025 president Lauren Bulleigh.

Students who want to participate in class events can join the Class of 2025 executive board.

“You apply via the application. All sophomores who graduate in 2025 are welcome to join,” said Bailey-Hennessey.

Having a position on the team is a great opportunity for students to get involved with the school and their graduating class.

“I’ve gotten to meet, talk and interact with many people,” said Gillian. “The Class of 2025 made going to school more exciting. I always look forward to going to meetings after school.”