Fall Fest brings community together


Sydney Teeter

OLHS Theater company promotes their upcoming events at Fall Fest.

Rachael Strong, Design Editor

Students, teachers and families came together on Friday, Oct. 28 to play games, show off their costumes and celebrate autumn at SCA’s annual community-wide Fall Fest.

While this tradition aims to bring the community together and encourage students to discover the many clubs to enjoy by enlisting them to set up booths and activities, it has an even bigger cause.

“It went so great. The awesome thing about it was all four AVID classes got to work together,” said AVID coordinator Elizabeth Schur-Badach. “It also gave us an opportunity to promote beach bags.”

SCA students prepared for this year’s Fall Fest when they decorated, planned and organized the event.

“Fall Fest was fantastic,” said senior SCA secretary Rachel Dizon. “I’m kind of sad that this was my last one, but I’m just glad it was a part of my high school career.”

While many upperclassmen returned to Fall Fest, underclassmen had a chance to socialize and learn more about the dolphin spirit.

“I had a lot of fun at Fall Fest,” said freshman Lily Bulfinch. “I got to hang out with my friends and play games, it was a great time.”