Dolphins unite with full bellies at annual Finsgiving celebration


Kaia Jackson

Freshmen Maddie Murrell, Aubrey Spagnoli, Carmela Mendoza, Reese Longwater, Ethan Royce, Daxing Yang, Miles Pullman and Anisha Warusavitharana (from left to right) smile for a photo while playing Hedbanz during Finsgiving Celebration Nov. 18, 2022.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, SCA orchestrated a club-wide Finsgiving celebration to enjoy some food and fellowship during the holiday season on Nov. 18, 2022.

Finsgiving is an Ocean Lakes High School tradition that has not been seen since November 2019, before COVID-19 restricted school activities.

“I went the last time we had it, and it was a nice tradition to bring back after COVID-19 put everything on hiatus. I missed going to gatherings after school with other clubs and people that I might not see everyday,” said senior Haven Major, a member of Class of 2023. “I’m glad I was able to participate.”

All clubs and organizations were invited to the celebration and encouraged to bring food to share.

“The food that everyone brought in was amazing. Some items were traditional, and others weren’t, which I liked because Finsgiving isn’t focused on the meals we eat, but the people we are with,” said Haven.

Students were encouraged to eat, mingle, play board games and join friends on the mic for karaoke.

“The karaoke was my favorite part. It’s always a hit, so I’m not surprised about how many people decided to sign up,” said Haven. “I did not sing karaoke, but I came very close. A few of my friends did and everyone who sang killed it.”