Twisted Chickens throw down for the win


Ben Menneses

From left to right; Jace Asercion, Tre Hamilton, Brady Nagle, Ryne Bracknell, Donovan Nagle, Aidan Benson, Connor Mais, Aj Alarcon; Twisted Chickens pose for a team photo as they head to the tournament on Nov. 19.

Twisted Chickens, an all-freshmen team, competed in the first annual dodgeball tournament held at Ocean Lakes in late November of 2022.

“We found out that the school was starting a dodgeball tournament, and we wanted to join,” said Brady Nagle.

The team had some struggles in the tournament though while playing.

“What we struggled with the most was accuracy, and we struggled hitting people,”  said Aidan Benson.

However, they overcame this issue with a strong offensive approach.

“We did well with teamwork and getting people out,” said Brady. “The game plan at first was to be defensive as possible,” said Brady.

Though defensive moves worked in the first couple of matches, and led them to some wins, they switched it up to be more aggressive near the last couple of matches. Twisted Chickens moved on to the finals where they played the team called the Untouchaballs, where they prevailed and won the tournament.

According to Aidan, out of all these matches, one player stood out and was named MVP because of his performance.

“It was close, but I have to say Jace Asercion. He played very well and was a good team player,” said Aidan. “It was great; everyone was really excited about winning,” said Aidan.