Civil Air Patrol members are inspiring role models for all


Shea Lickfold, Ethan Moran

Cadet Major senior Nick Gregouriu, Second Lieutenant senior member Jay Nogle, Cadet Robertson, Master Sergeant senior Shea Lickfold, and Cadet Elex are all examples of students that symbolize leadership in Civil Air Patrol.

Two Ocean Lakes High School students have received rank-ups in the Civil Air Patrol organization, serving as role models for fellow peers.

Civil Air Patrol was founded in 1941, focusing on middle and high students’ education and service to their community as members of the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Cadet Major and Ocean Lakes senior Nick Gregouriu has been in Civil Air Patrol for five years and holds one of the highest ranks. According to Nick, Civil Air Patrol has shaped who he is today and how other students look up to him as a role model. Students and Cadets look up to him because he serves as a pillar of leadership in charge of so many cadets and multiple leaders at Civil Air Patrol.

“There are no specific benefits to having earned my position, but having my position shows just how far I’ve come in my journey here at Civil Air Patrol and as a role model,” said senior and Cadet Major Nick Gregouriu.

Senior member and second Lieutenant Jay Nogle is also a Civil Air Patrol member who has been a member since September 2021. Cadets look up to Nogle as a role model because he supervises most cadets and leadership positions at Civil Air Patrol.

“I love the emergency service missions, the aircrew and working with the cadets,” said senior member and Second lieutenant Jay Nogle.

Cadet master sergeant Lickfold is in charge of the new cadets that join the Civil Air Patrol and is very passionate about her leadership position.

“I love being able to teach the new cadets to find their place in the Civil Air Patrol program, and I enjoy watching them make new friends and grow in their community,” said junior and Master Sergeant Shea Lickfold.