Piano room, the new hub is key to learning


Fara Wiles

Dylan Miller, Mark Murphy and Jason Zuniga practice in room 118, the new piano classroom.

Piano teacher William Boardman fulfilled one of his dreams, to have a fully furnished piano room for his music students.

“I’ve been working on getting it set up for years,” said Boardman, who stored his pianos in the chorus room.

In room 118, 22 pianos fill the space. This is the first time in Ocean Lakes’ history that a room has been established for just pianos.

“I think the best part is that we can play pianos without having to worry about our pianos being too loud,” said sophomore Allican Pagoada.

Boardman has a computer system called the “hub” that allows all the pianos to be connected to their own set of headphones.

“It’s nice because everybody is facing the same way and focused in the same direction in our new room,” said Boardman.

All of the students’ pianos are interconnected to Boardman’s piano, which allows him to listen to individual students without leaving his seat.

”Having an electronic piano is interesting because it has all kinds of effects. One group of people could play strings while the other group played lead,” said sophomore Mark Murphy.