Time to Be Real


Madison Mellon

Ocean Lakes students previously posted BeReals to represent the 2022-2023 school year.

Madison Mellon, Opinion editor

BeReal continues to gain popularity in the teen world. With a world filled with social media apps, some quite similar, this one is designed to be a more “real” take on social media posting.
Some even consider it ‘anti-Instagram.’
The app sends a notification to all users at the same time stating “⚠️Time to BeReal⚠️.”
At that moment, a two-minute timer begins, and the point is to take a picture and post it within that time period. While capturing the picture, the app takes a picture with the back and front camera.
“My favorite part about BeReal is seeing what all my friends are doing at the same time. It’s just something different from Instagram or Snapchat,” said senior Ryan Heck.
Due to the fast acting nature of the app, it can create many funny posts of inconvenient photo situations that people would normally never post on a ‘regular’ social media outlet.
It has become popular to have someone of older age take the BeReal because of the dual camera action. This causes the photographer to unknowingly take a selfie of themself that is not posed or even known about.
“My favorite thing about BeReal is the absolute unexpected contents of the pictures,” said junior Junius Gregory.
According to an app firm Apptopia, BeReal has been downloaded more than 43 million times since its launch in 2019, and to date, has grown its user base by an amazing 315%.
Since the BeReal app gained popularity, the app TikTok has added a new feature that is very similar to the BeReal app. It gives a three-minute timer, and the dual photo is shared to all TikTok friends to see.
However, many TikTok users do not use this nor do they like this feature. Snapchat has also added a dual camera feature but is not timed the same as BeReal.
As technology advances, young society has been looking for a more authentic outlet just like BeReal to put a stop to the fake, posed idea of life on social media.
“BeReal really opens people’s eyes to a more ‘real’ aspect to their classmates and friends’ lives outside of school or work,” said senior Lexi Zettervall.