“Hey Google: how do I set a healthy routine?”

Establishing a routine is essential for a healthy lifestyle

Junior Aya Smith holds up a planner that she uses to keep track of her daily schedule, in the cafeteria on Nov. 22, 2022.

Halle Packard

Junior Aya Smith holds up a planner that she uses to keep track of her daily schedule, in the cafeteria on Nov. 22, 2022.

Halle Packard, Features Editor

Routines are the hidden secret behind success. For many achievements and triumphs, one can usually find smaller formulated plans and schedules that improve lifestyles. 

The lack of a consistent routine can lead to stress, poor sleep, poor eating, poor physical condition and ineffective use of time.  

According to a study by researchers at Tel Aviv University, predictable, repetitive routines are calming and help to reduce anxiety. They’ll also help one take control of their day and life.

For those with busy schedules, setting a routine to help accomplish day to day goals is needed. 

One way to help keep track of a schedule would be using a planner or a calendar app. This would help keep track of daily activities and can help you plan ahead. It’s an easy way to put together everything you will be doing.

Another important way to keep track of routines is to be organized. For those who struggle with organization, the OL AVID class in room 150, during 1B, can help students who have a hard time staying organized. 

A consistent routine is also key in setting oneself up for success in college.

With attending classes, important due dates for work, and trying to keep a social life during this, having a strong and reliable routine can help take off some of the stress and help one to keep up with their schedules. 

Steady routines can also help fight chronic stress from an activity that has not been successfully managed, also known as burnout.

Stressful schedules play a huge part in burnout which could lead to a steep decline in mental health over time, so it is also important to include downtime to recuperate in one’s routine. 

In order to create a routine, one should include the important aspects of their life, such as school, sports, work and other obligations or hobbies. 

Start small when setting goals because they are easier to accomplish and this can help make setting a new routine sound less intimidating.

As difficult as it may seem to many to have a set time to get up and go to bed, keeping a fairly consistent sleep schedule is very important for cognitive capacity. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, a lack of sleep can impact thinking, memory, problem-solving, creativity, emotional processing and judgment.

There are many factors to consider when establishing a routine. Most importantly, when making a routine, one must make time in their schedule to relax. 

Having time to take a break is a necessity for one’s physical and mental health, so it is crucial to always leave time to unwind. 

According to Fort Behavior Health, self-care such as meditation and yoga are some of the best ways to use one’s downtime. For others self-care can look like beach afternoons, spending time with friends or reading a good book.

Self-care and healthy habits can seem daunting, but the most important thing to remember is that there is no one size fits for creating a routine.