New turf field shakes the stands

Ocean Lakes stadium field during varsity senior night on Oct. 22, 2021.

Bella Grundy

Ocean Lakes stadium field during varsity senior night on Oct. 22, 2021.

Bella Grundy, Staff Writer

The stadium field will take on a new look next year with turf instead of grass.

“The construction is scheduled to begin anytime now, but most likely after winter break,” said Student Athlete Coordinator John Williams.

The construction is expected to last until June or July and should be completed in time for fall sports. The cost of the turf field is approximately one million dollars, according to the school system budget for school improvements. 

“Ocean Lakes is known for having the worst draining field in the city. A new turf field will solve that problem and eliminate the need to postpone games due to the poor playing conditions,” said Williams. 

As spring sport seasons approach, such as soccer and lacrosse, changes may appear in their season due to the construction. 

“It’s not a great feeling knowing I most likely won’t be able to play a home game at Ocean Lakes, especially for senior night,” said senior lacrosse player Aiden Duprey. 

Currently, the arrangements for spring games is to have soccer home games held at the VB Sportsplex and home lacrosse games played at the school, those with a bye on their schedule. 

“In spring we have so much rain and questionable weather. Some schools already have the advantage of being able to play and practice, regardless of the weather. I am excited to see us have this opportunity,” said varsity soccer coach Christine Thornton.