Step team returns with new energy


Jade McAboy

Royalty Step team performing to ¨Back that thang up¨ during the halftime of the First Colonial vs Ocean Lakes varsity basketball game on Dec. 16, 2023.

Royalty step team prepares for its 12th year at Ocean Lakes and makes its first performance at an all-school assembly in years.

Coached and introduced by English teacher Sarah Burford and juniors Mariah Thornton and Destinee Evans, the team’s captains, the team showed off new skills and received audible accolades when they stepped to “Back That Thang Up.”

Burford brings new energy to the team with personal experience; not only does she assist in building routines, but she also stepped for her college sorority. Step is a form of dance in African-American culture. The entire body is used to make sounds through stomping, clapping, and chants. 

“Step involves a lot of teamwork. Everyone has to learn to work with each other and be coordinated,” said sophomore Melissa Romero. 

This team has been practicing their choreography since Sept. 23, 2022, with a total of 10 members, and no more than 15 people are allowed on the team at a time.  Tryouts will be set again for boys and girls who want to try out. 

“Step is more than a bunch of girls dancing; we’re like a family,” said Destinee.