Teacher brings life to poetry


(From Left to Right) Sophomores Roman Chapman, Kaden Wellington, Tristan Savage, Josiah Wyatt, and Zayquan Reynolds from Thomas Stewart’s fourth block class show off their hand-made poetry books in the English hallway on Dec. 16, 2022.

Lily Lipsky, Staff Writer

 Thomas Stewart’s English 10 classes end their poetry unit with an in-class poetry slam.

Classes are to perform two poems with different styles. The students have written a wide range of different poems, such as haikus, diamontes and “rotten” poems. 

“I know how to properly write poems because of the practice Mr. Stewart gave us,” said sophomore Christian Valdez.

A poetry slam is a competition where people perform their own poems to an audience, according to wonderopolis.org. These usually take place in coffee shops, which is why Stewart decided to bring tasty treats into the mix along with the idea that food fuels the brain’s creativity and skill.

With an assigned document for each class, students choose whether they would like to bring a food or drink, or pitch in money so the class can enjoy a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins together.

“So often students think that if they aren’t Shakespeare, they can’t write poetry. This event allows students to see that anyone can be a poet, “ said Stewart.