Students begin course registration, plan for learning in 2023


Nathanial Swindle

Sophomore Lilly Honeycutt meets with her counselor Christopher Murray to discuss the courses she will take in her junior year on Jan. 12, 2023.

Much of January’s Phin Time introduced students to next year’s course registration process, where all underclassmen viewed a slideshow presentation.

“Advisory was a good chance for me to get more information on which classes would work best for me. I was able to get clarification on when we would be meeting with our counselors which was super helpful,” said sophomore Grace Meléndez.

Due to the 4×4 schedule this year, students meet with their counselors at different dates and times, depending on their current schedule, but students can change their schedule up until the start of summer. 

These one-on-one meetings began Jan. 11, 2023, but may not finish until early February for second term English students or academy students.

“Students are meeting with their counselor for individual meetings through their English classes. First term 4×4 English students are meeting with their counselors before the first term ends. Second term and A/B students will select their courses starting on Feb. 6,” said counselor Sara White.

The last day of course registration is Feb. 15, 2023.

New courses are also being offered for students to take that were not available previously.

“Added courses would include: Data Science (math) and AP Pre-Calculus (math). No courses were removed,” said counselor Christopher Murray.

Students in certain grade levels have the ability to choose classes with increased rigor, such as Honors, AP or Dual Enrollment.

“Students should know their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to choosing courses. We want all students to challenge themselves with rigorous courses, but to also strike a balance that works for them,” said Murray.