Passionate swimmer inspires professionalism


David Bostic

Colin Mamaril helped place first in the boys 200m medley relay against Cox High School at Great Neck Rec Center with an overall time of 1:55.02 on Jan. 13, 2023.

Senior Colin Mamaril is among the top swimmers on this year’s swim team, according to his swim coach and teammates.

“Colin brings a quiet professionalism to the Ocean Lakes Swim team. He doesn’t say much, and he never brags about his skills, but on race day he goes out there and performs at a very high level,” said senior Caden Longwater. “He has helped turn our team, already full of elite swimmers and hard workers, into one known throughout the district for being humble in victory.”

According to Colin, he started to swim at 5, it became a passion of his over time. He currently practices three to four hours each day. His persistence has paid off with his personal records within the Tide swimming company and Ocean Lakes swim meets. These times consist of 46.89 in the 100-yard freestyle, 1:41.51 in the 200-yard freestyle and 4:35.22 achieved in the 500-yard freestyle. 

“Colin exhibits that characteristic that really great swimmers need, the ability to continuously push themselves trying to make themselves better, which means putting yourself in pain and testing your limits,” said coach Andrew Bedinger. 

Although Colin has setbacks, like any athlete, he perseveres with the help of his coaches and teammates. 

“The best way to find motivation is finding it within teammates and coaches. These are the only people in the world who could ever understand what you are going through,” said Colin. 

Overall, Colin has shown his teammates they are capable of achieving anything.

“He and others showed me that if you put the time in and you work hard, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve,” said Caden. 

According to Colin, he plans to continue his swimming career past high school and even in college to maintain personal health and have fun. He will begin swimming D1 level at the College of William and Mary in the fall of 2023. 

“I truly believe that swimming is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy, especially the heart. Its low-impact nature allows swimming to be done throughout all ages,” said Colin.