Podcasting connects students to inner voice


Shelby Koss

Freshmen Payton Warnock and Dillon Libasci smile as they record for their English 9 Unwind project on Dec. 20, 2022.

“Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…”

The initiative for a podcast room began pre-COVID; however, it wasn’t until spring of 2022 that the room took on a new appearance.

“Up until last year, we were running a bare bones podcasting studio. We were taking advantage of the Donors Choose donations and using part of our yearly budget to buy headsets and microphones each year for the room,” said Library Media Specialist Nicole Glaser. “Once the Department of Teaching and Learning stepped in with the new equipment, we took off. It allowed us to try new things and take chances. It was wonderful to be supported.”

The use of the podcast room, located in the library, has steadily increased since it was first built in 2019, with at least one group of students utilizing the equipment each week whether it be for journalism, English or senior projects.

“It feels like a safe space where you can be comfortable speaking. With no one listening on the outside, it feels like you can speak without any concern of others listening,” said senior Alexander Thomasson.

Students reported that the biggest skill they learned while using the podcast room was how to voice their ideas effectively.

“When using the podcast room, you are able to express yourself in ways you can’t in other situations,” said freshman Shelby Koss.

Beginners who need extra assistance can access a Canvas module, but most students find that practice makes perfect.

“I learned to get through mistakes. While I try to re-record any major mess ups, I learned to just accept them sometimes. Not everything can be re-done because of a small mistake and you just have to move on,” said Alexander.